Airbus Proposed To Handle Two Departments Of NAC.

Airbus Proposed To Handle Two Departments Of NAC.

Recently, largest European Aircraft Manufacturer, Airbus Company has forwarded proposal to handle Operation and Engineering Departments of NAC. The interest shown by Airbus has spread happiness and delight inside the corporation.

Years ago NAC had announced global tendor for its management as NAC is not being able to earn profit and to remove instability . Till now, two foreign companies has forwarded proposal for handling NAC.16 months ago, German flag carrier Lufthansa Airlines assistant company, Lufthansa consulting Company had submitted proposal to NAC for handling its all department. Still meetings are being held regarding it to take appropriate decision.

Currently, two brand new jets A320 being operated by NAC have been manufactured by Airbus. Newly appointed GM Mr.Sugat Ratna Kansakar had asserted that NAC will buy aircraft manufactured by Airbus only in future. Following his declarment , Airbus forwarded proposal to NAC. Airbus stated to take sole management of both departments, said Corporate Director and spokesperson Ram Hari Sharma of NAC

One officer reported that as some Nepalese pilots undergoing training at Airbus became unsuccessful so Airbus aimed to handle operation department of NAC and similar is the case with engineering department. Airbus has submitted plan regarding major C-Checks, line maintenance , estimated cost etc. NAC will respond to Airbus soon regarding its proposal.

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