Airbus Receives Contract Of 900 Satellites For Global Internet Access By Everyone

Airbus Receives Contract Of 900 Satellites For Global Internet Access By Everyone

   Recently, European Aircraft Manufacturer Airbus has received contract of multi-billion dollar of building 900 satellites by OneWeb. is the site that aims to provide global internet access to everyone residing anywhere in the world.

   It has been reported that out of 900 satellites, 700 will be launched to space for orbiting the earth whereas 200 will be on ground for backup whenever orbiting satellite stops working. Each satellite weighs less than 150 kg and costs $ 500,000.

     Airbus has reported that it will build initial 10 satellites at its Toulouse manufacturing plant whereas rest will be build at other plants. OneWeb has assure the data transfer rate will be at more than 10 terabits per second which will expand global network area rapidly.

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