Airbus revels its hybrid aircraft for patent

Airbus revels its hybrid aircraft for patent

September 07, 2016

Airbus reveals its new innovative aircraft by registering a patent for a new design aircraft that will be able to take off vertically and transform into a normal flight.

The revealing showed that the aircraft will be equipped with 2 electronic rotors in each wing that will act as a quad copter drone during takeoff and landing providing the vertical thrust. A single propeller will then provide the horizontal or forward thrust for the normal flight afterwards.

Airbus has exclusively designed the vertical rotor blades that can be arranged in rest position inside pylons installed on the fixed wings of the aircraft. After the vertical takeoff is done, the vertical rotors will stop and will be cased inside the pylons automatically. The main propeller will already be providing the forward thrust for the aircraft until that time.

This proposal include both civilian and military category of aircraft of this kind. However, the production time, aircraft dimensions, specifications have not been reported yet.


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