“Aircraft Assembling Workshop” at Aviation Museum


Bed Upreti Trust had announced an Opportunity for students and aviation personnel to assemble the miniature aircraft for the very first aircraft museum at Kathmandu.

Captain Bed Upreti, CEO of Aviation Museum revealed the information that the aircraft assembling workshop will continue for a week initiating from October 6 to October 13, this year. Each Aviation Enthusiastic who had completed their Higher Secondary School Level (10+2) can participate on the workshop. The certificates will also be provided after the end of the workshop, said Capt. Upreti.

Each individual will be provided the direction and essential techniques’ for assembling the miniatures aircraft for Museum along with the required materials. Assembling the Normal aircraft takes five to six hours. Till third day of the workshop IOE Undergraduate Engineers, Aeronautical Engineers and many more students have attended the workshop.

According to Upreti, around 25 personals have donated the Miniature aircraft of different model and Captain Bed Upreti himself had bought worth 25000 USD model aircraft for Aviation Museum in Sinamangal.

The Airbus A330 wide-body Museum will be featured with showcase photos of 30 famous tourist destinations across the world, including items of historic and archaeological importance collected from the Far-west region of Nepal along with 200 miniature aircraft models or designs of aircraft, including Wright brothers’ airplane of 1903 and modern aircraft. A 60-inch TV will also be kept inside the museum which will show the aircraft documentaries on the aircraft museum. The money collected will be donated for the treatment of cancer patients and offer scholarships to students, Upreti said.

After the thunderous success of an aircraft museum in Dhangadi, Bed Upreti Trust has announced the second such museum in Sinamangal, Kathmandu. The Museum is likely to be inaugurated after Chhath festival. The approximate total cost for building the Aviation Museum has reached around 700000 USD. The museum will provide information on flying and the world’s aviation history, which will attract students as well as tourists.

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