Aircraft deliveries soar up worldwide, outpacing pre-COVID figures

While the COVID-19 pandemic caused an unprecedented break in the history of the aerospace market, June has been a miraculous month for the delivery of aircraft worldwide this year. Analyzing the new aircraft deliveries made by aerospace giants: Airbus, Boeing, ATR, COMAC, Embraer, Irkut, and Bombardier, it can be concluded that June 2021 saw the highest number of aircraft delivery, i.e., 139 aircraft, which was only 135 in June before the pandemic outbreak. Last July, the number of aircraft delivered was 54, which is 157% less than that of July 2021. The ferrying of aircraft plunged in April and May, amounting to 71 and 73 respectively this year. However, the output was quite greater in March, where 111 total aircraft were delivered worldwide.

The significant rise in June 2021 is attributed to the large-scale delivery of Boeing’s parked 737 Max planes. It delivered 46 aircraft, which is 44% more than in June 2019 32 aircraft delivery. In June 2020, only 7Boeing aircraft could be transported to airlines which are 557% less than June 2021.

Out of 46 airplanes ferried by Boeing

Aeromexico received 7, Turkish got 5, Boeing Defense, Space & Security, and Flair Airlines got four, and FedEx Express and TUI Airways received 3 Boeing aircraft each.

The airlines that delivered 2 Boeing aircraft in June 2021 include FlyDubai, GOL Linhas Aereas Inteligentes, Neos, Qatar Airways, Ryanair, and TUI fly (Netherlands). Boeing delivered one aircraft each to Aerologic, Alaska Airlines, Blue Air (Romania), Southwest Airlines, TUI fly (Germany), Turkmenistan Airlines, and United Airlines.

Airbus delivered 77 aircraft in June

Tracking Airbus aircraft deliveries, a total of 77 aircraft were delivered in June this year, which outperformed June 2020 by 13% as the aircraft delivery number was only 33. However, 78 Airbus deliveries were made before the COVID pandemic in June 2019.

ATR, Bombardier and COMAC were in line

ATR delivered two aircraft in June this year while Bombardier and De Havilland couldn’t ferry any aircraft. COMAC deliveries were 2 in June. Embraer delivered six aircraft in June this year, outperforming June 2020 aircraft delivery which was only 5. Irkut deliveries are nil in June for three years in a row, i.e., on 2019-20-21.

Aircraft deliveries play a vital role in the financial outlook for aerospace manufacturing. The skyrocketing of aircraft deliveries worldwide in June this year is a positive sign that the aviation industry is rebounding.

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