Aircraft from TIA to be decentralized at other domestic airport, says Minister Adhikari

Tourism Minister (MoCTCA) Rabindra Adhikari has stated to decentralize the aircraft in provincial sector. Aircraft which park at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA) at night will be now managed at airports in different provinces so as to minimize air traffic of TIA vowed Minister Adhikari.

TIA has also asked the entire domestic carrier to park their aircraft at the designated airports following the congestion of aircraft parking facility of airport. Similarly Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has also assigned specific airports for parking, especially during night time while issuing the air operator’s certificate (AOC) for the airline however domestic airline companies desire to park their aircraft at TIA during night time despite the limited airport facility.

TIA has facility to accommodate 30 domestic aircraft and 9 aircraft- 3 wide-body and 6 narrow-body aircraft in international parking bay but due to over crowd in parking space havoc is normally seen affecting regular take-off and landings too.

An Airport official said that government even has authority to cancel regular flight of particular aircraft of particular airline if companies do not act accordingly.

In the other hand, a domestic airline has guaranteed to support government instructions to park few aircraft at domestic airports for facility being provided.

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