Aircraft handover ceremony at Nepal Airlines Hangar

Photo: Nepal Airlines Modern Arc (MA60) and Y 12-e at NAC Hangar Site

Aircraft handover ceremony at Nepal Airlines Hangar

February 8, 2017-Kathmandu

Nepal Airlines has been officially handed over the newly landed Chinese aircraft Modern Arc 60 (MA 60) and Harbin Y-12 E series aircraft that landed recently and waited for the scheduled service to initiate.

The two new aircraft are 3rd and 4th of the Chinese aircraft that Nepal Airlines recently welcomed. The Chinese MA 60 and Harbin Y-12 E aircraft landed at TIA on January 07 and February 1 respectively.

The official handing over ceremony was accomplished in presence of Tourism Minister Mr. Jeeban Bahadur Shahi Corporate Director of Nepal Airlines Mr. Sugat Ratna Kanshakar from Nepal’s side and Chinese Ambassador Yu Hong and Senior Vice president of AVIC Group, China.

Photo: M.D. of Nepal Airlines Sugat Ratna Kansakar in New MA 60.

Nepal Airlines had received each of MA 60 and Y-12E aircraft previously before these two aircraft. The following aircraft have been brought in loan agreement. Two other Chinese Y-12 aircraft already manufactured are yet to arrive.

At this instance when Nepal airlines is getting a significant progress on international sector after the arrival of 2 Airbus 320 aircraft, the addiction of the Chinese aircraft has made a huge anticipation for domestic sector progression.

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