Airfare reduced for Balewa-Kathmandu route

Balewa-Kathmandu route air fare has been minimized after receiving complaints from passengers regarding high price. Nepal airlines corporation has now maintained price rupees 5600 for the route and rupees 5800 for flight from Kathmandu to Balewa. Previously the fare for was rupees 6500.

Passengers had complaints and pressurized the airlines to minimize the fare and Baglung municipality had asked Civil Aviation Authority (CAAN) to adjust it accordingly.

Currently  Nepal airlines and Tara Air operate two flights a week in the airport. Tara operates on Sunday while Nepal Airlines on Thursday. Baglung Municipality is also hoping Tara Airlines will be reducing the fare. Currently, Tara Air charges 6700 rupees for the route.

Balewa airport came into operation after 26 years with help of special initiative from the municipality. After the airport came into operation, the travel distance has been deducted to just 40 minutes due to which mostly sick peoples and people with important work have got advantage.

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