Airlander 10; The Longest Aircraft Suffered During Landing

Airlander 10; The Longest Aircraft Suffered During Landing

Source: BBC

25 August 2016

Airlander 10, which is world’s longest aircraft suffered during its second test flight after nosediving while landing yesterday.

Airlander 10 - aviationnepal
Source: BBC

The aircraft, which is partially plane and partially airship that is 302ft (92m) long flying object apparently hit the nosedive during the flight inbound from Cardington Airfield Bedfordshire.

The aircraft cockpit’ sustained the damage after it hit the ground at around 11:00 BST yesterday.

According the concerned personnel, the flight was really well but the issue occurred during the landing.

The aircraft has just accomplished its scheduled 100 minutes when it hit nosedived during landing process.

Hybrid Air Vehicles (HAV) released the statement saying that the Airlander has experienced a fat landing that apparently produced some damaged in the flight deck and presently being assessed.

Hybrid Air Vehicles operates a robust set of procedures for flight test exercise and investigation of errors and problems.

HAV had begun a campaign to rebound the Airlander 10 to the skies in May 2015. The company added; this airship could be used for a various surveillance purpose, communications and even passenger travel.

Airlander is capable to stay airborne for five days during manned flight, and the company added that they hoping to produces 10 Ailanders by 2021.

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