Airline of the firsts- Corendon Airlines sets to fly Glasgow

Corendon Airlines is scheduled to begin direct flights from Turkey to Scotland’s Glasgow Airport next year. Corendon Airlines will connect Antalya and Dalaman to Glasgow twice weekly in April 2022.

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Corendon Airlines 9H-TJG Boeing 737
Corendon Airlines 9H-TJG Boeing 737

Passengers may purchase tickets straight from their website. The economy class ticket begins at Euro 46.45, while the flex class fare is 87.48 Euro and the premium class fare is 116.79 Euro. Corendons’ Boeing 737-800 aircraft will serve this five-hour journey.

Destinations served by Corendon Airlines.

The major countries where Corendon Airlines operates its flights are Germany, Poland, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Belgium, France, the Czech Republic, Romania, Scandinavian countries of Denmark, Sweden, Norway. The flights offered are either charter, sub-charter, split charter, or wet lease. The airline serves a wide variety of unique destinations: its popular beaches, city life, local cuisines, cultural destinations, natural attractions, or the nightlife experiencing cities, Corendon Airline offers them all.

Corendon Airlines 737 fleet
Corendon Airlines 737 fleet

Turkey is a beautiful country with a population of over 76 million. It has a large geographical area, a dynamic economic situation with a rising disposable economy. So, it is a favorable country for tourism and aviation with strong air demand. The country has exploited its favorable geographical position to establish a strong air travel network.  Many airlines are of Turkish origin, among which Corendon is one. With charter, passenger flights, and direct routes opportunities, many countries are connected to Turkey by Corendon Airlines.

Along with its operating bases at Antalya, Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport uses additional airports in Hannover, Munster, Cologne, Nuremberg in Germany as its bases.

Despite having the worst time in 2020, Corendon continues to open new European bases to enhance the range of destinations. In 2021, three European bases are added to strengthen the flight operations. They are Dusseldorf, Germany, London (UK), and Basel (Switzerland). In 2022, Dalama Airport will be the new base. 

Corendon Airlines

Positioning itself as a holiday airline, Corendon Airlines is an international airline of Turkey, aiming to serve the customers to the highest level, operating flight services to 65 countries with direct flights to 165 airports, benefitting around 4 million passengers annually. The Turkish holiday airline was established in November 2004. It commences charter flight to famous touristic destinations in Turkey from European and Asian countries.

Corendon Airlines - Photo by Glasgow Airport
Corendon Airlines – Photo by Glasgow Airport

The airline is headquartered in Antalya and Malta.  Consisting of 244 Boeing 737-800s in its fleet, the airline, can be called a ‘Boeing 737 Operator’. It has two European subsidiary-Corendon Airlines Europe and Corendon Dutch Airlines. The sister company Corendon Airlines Europe was founded in 2017, while the Dutch company was founded in 2011. The airline is committed to Flight safety, advancement of airline product lines, and its service quality. It operates on a hybrid low-cost carrier and leisure airline business model. The fares are variable from low premium cost.

With the slogan, ‘Make a difference,’ Corendon airlines entered the aviation sector by making its first flight on April 12, 2005, between Eindhoven and Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen. It was the pioneer airline to operate passenger flights to this airport. The airline has already set a remarkable difference with its advanced services for customer satisfaction and various campaigns.

ZS-GAL Airbus A320-231 Corendon Airlines at Antalya Airport turkey

Corendon, a tour operator in the Netherlands since the early 2000s, has resulted in an international tourism group by prioritizing air transport, accommodations over time. Corendon airline is a part of this group.

Corendon Airlines has three registered airlines, namely Turkey, The Netherlands, and all offering tourist flights and direct flights from Europe to Anatolia cities.  Corendon Airlines has expanded leaps and bounds and speeded its brand globally with its air connectivity around Europe and Asia. The airline has undertaken many pioneering innovations in the civil aviation sector of Europe and Turkey.

Corendon Airline is the first airline-

•To get certified with ‘ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction Certificate’ in Europe

•To provide special handling services to differently-abled passengers, i.e., Security cards in Braille alphabets for visually impaired passengers, extraordinary implementation for passengers with hearing and speech impairment offering subtitle movies and notebooks in Turkey.

•To be honored with “Barrier Free Airline Certificate” from the Turkish Directorate General of Civil Aviation for its exemplary application in providing comfortable flight conditions to disable passengers in Turkey.  

•To organize the passenger flight to Alanya Gazipasa Airport, which was on April 4, 2012.

•To operate Boeing 737-800 passenger jet in Zonguldak Caycuma Airport on Cologne-Zonguldak flight on June 27, 2020.

Achievements and Awards

The airline is one of the 260 companies that have obtained the IOSA (IATA Operational Safety Audit) Certificate in the world among 3000 airline companies. It got seven stars in “World’s Most Secure Airline Companies Survey” by It is the highest rating accorded in safety policy. As per the research published by Fortune and Capital Magazines, Corendon Airline is on the list of ‘500 Biggest Private Companies of Turkey”.

Employing more the 1200 staff, the airline specializes in on-ground operations, safety, security, and logistics to ensure comfortable flights for the passengers. It prioritizes quality management in the aviation field and has received certification for such. ISO 9001 Quality Management system certification, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, ISO 27001 Information Protection Management System Certificate are some of the examples of it. It has also received the technical authorization, i.e., SHY 33B license to commence and organize the medical business and SHY 33A license to run non-medical business. Regarding operational authorizations, Corendon Airline has obtained an AOC management license, Unhandicapped Airport Commission, EFB Electronic Flight Bag, and Dangerous Goods Certificate.

It is the cleanest airline in Turkey based on carbon emitted per passenger, and it got Quality Management Award “Turkey’s Best Managed Charter Airline” through a voting system.  In 2018, among “Turkey’s Top 500 Service Exporter”, it grabbed 24th place. The airline has got the membership of both IATA and TOSHID.

Aircraft fleet of Corendon Airlines

Altogether 24 aircraft are owned by Corendon airlines company of which 14 are operated by itself; Corendon Airline Europe utilizes seven, and three by Corendon Airline Dutch.

Boeing 737-800 can fly to the range of 3695 km, has a total passenger capacity of 189 seats. The features of the Boeing 737-800 include a wider wingspan (3579m), more fuel capacity, and a maximum take-off weight of 79.015 kg.  The interior configurations are redesigned and upgraded to accommodate the flying passengers and crews.

The airline has had an excellent safety record with no fatalities till now. However, two incidents have occurred. On October 2, 2010, one of its Boeing aircraft had its nose gear in mud due to overrunning runway after the Dalaman flight at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. Similarly, on October 14, 2012, twenty-seven passengers were injured during evacuation due to a substantial fire accident during pushback on Antalya-Trondheim’s scheduled flight. 

Campaign programs

In order for the passengers to get a great vacation, Corendon Airlines run different value for money campaign offers. Such campaigns include Early booking campaigns, Easter Campaigns, Family with Kids campaign, International Women’s Day campaign, and others. The customers can enjoy discounts on flights to/from Turkey on these special offers.

In addition to air transport services, Corendon partners with hotel and car rental services as well. Corendon Airline is attributed as a 3-star low-cost airline by Skytrax, determined by its onboard services, airport quality, and staff. The airline offers special handling to pregnant, children, and medical passengers.  It also allows the transportation of cats and dogs.

Support Programs

To create a difference with a framework of visualizing the creation of social values, Corendon Airlines sponsors different programs. It sponsored Altinordu Football Club, Besiktas TRC insaat Women’s Basketball team, Bike Aid Cycling Team in Antalya Race Tour 2020, Space projects for ITU students, and Turkish Red Crescent, etc.

After the break-out of the COVID-19 pandemic, limited flights of Corendon Airlines were scheduled in 2020. But the 2021 flight programs have been relaunched after the UK government has allowed for the capitalization on the UK markets. Tukey is getting tourist attention this year, proven by current booking trends.

AS a recent plan for summer 2022, Corendon Airlines have stated increased UK flights of over 50000 seats to Turkey, Rhodes, and Crete. There will be daily flights from Gatwick to Antalya. As there has been strong demand on their routes in summer, the daily services will continue in 2022. The airline will also avail ‘seat only option’ on flights from Newcastle to Antalya and Dalaman in summer 2022. The leisure tourists will have the option of this low-cost airline to fly on that route. The option will benefit family tourists seeking flexibility and value-for-money flights after the lockdown phase. The one-way fare will begin from just £52.99 on the famous holiday destinations of Antalya and Dalaman.   Altogether 41 flights are scheduled from 14 different routes in 2022.  The newly relaunched 2021 summer schedule has added existing leisure routes.

New rules are being proposed for aviation and vacations. To manage touchless and contact-less experience, each aircraft is intensively disinfected and cleaned before each flight. Following pandemic rules, the routes are categorized as low risk, medium risk, high risk, and catering services on those routes accordingly. To ensure a safe and comfortable approach to travel in a new period for passengers, the airline has installed Highly Efficient Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, contact-free boarding, and cleaning wipes.

Serving the tourism and aviation sector efficiently, Corendon airline craves to excel in airline operations and generate a valuable brand among its customers and employees. Its firm foot set up in aviation continues to bloom after a devastating year of pandemic turmoil.

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