Airline operators bearing loss due to cancellation of flights

As been reported, the airline companies of Nepal have been bearing losses on the last two months due to the cancellation of flights following adverse weather conditions.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN), around three hundreds flights were canceled because of bad weather in the last two months i.e. January and February 2018.

222 flights got canceled in January while till 13th February, further 88 flights have been canceled. Out of all, Buddha Air has seen its flight cancelled more.

As per the information, almost 136 flights of Buddha Air got cancelled within two months. Buddha Air owns more aircraft and conduct extra flights as a result considerable number of flights were cancelled compared to other airlines.

Trilochan Poudyal, Deputy Director and Information Officer of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) stated that due to the thick fog and adverse weather in the Terai region causing low visibility compelled the airlines companies to cancel their flights.

There are 19 airlines providing domestic flights and Yeti Airlines is the second airlines to conduct highest flights.

In the last two months, 50 flights of Yeti Airlines’ were cancelled. Tara Air’s 33 flights, Shree Airlines and Sita Air 39 flights each, Summit Air’s 22 flights Simrik Airlines’ 17 flights, Saurya Airlines’ 10 where 9 flights of Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) were cancelled.

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