Airline Operators Committee-Nepal accomplished “FOD WALK CAMPAIGN” today at TIA

Airline Operators Committee of Nepal (AOCN) in collaboration with the Tribhuvan International Airport Civil Aviation Office (TIACAO) organized a “FOD WALK CAMPAIGN” within the vicinity of TIA today October 2017 which started from 0730 to 0900 local time. The campaign today was inaugurated by the General Manager of TIA.

The walk campaign became successful with the active participation of airline companies, security personnel, airport authority, fire fighters, AOCN and other concerned members who worked to collect the Foreign Object Debris (FOD) such as plastic bottles, nut bolts at the vicinity of TIA. More than one hour long campaign covered TIA Domestic and International Ramp, Apron along with the Taxiway from H to G and A to F.

The main purpose of the “FOD WALK CAMPAIGN” was to generalize the awareness of safety risk associated with the FOD (Foreign Object Debris) and also to enhance the concept of the FOD management for the service providers. The organizing committee with the motto “FOD IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY” received maximum participation on the campaign.

Foreign Object Debris (FOD) is not a new problem in the vicinity of Tribhuvan International Airport.  With the presence of FOD, there is always high risk to cause injury to persons and cause damage to the aircraft and their equipment.  The presence of rubber deposits in the runway, bird strikes and different runway corner cracks have caused terrible problems and accidents which has produced colossal loss and damage.

While safety in the air is necessary, the biggest challenge to aviation safety has been on the ground. So, the “FOD WALK CAMPAIGN” created some awareness to related concerns on the risk developed by Foreign Object Debris in the flight operation.


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