Airline shipping fuel to simikot

Sita Air has started shipping fuel at Simikot Airport in Humla. The airline have started shipping fuels for Helicopter that operate in Simikot-Hilsa Sector.

With the start of May, the tourism season travelling to Kailash Mansarovar has started and the flight operation to Hilsa, Nepal-China Border has started rising. Sita Air has started shipping fuel to Simikot airport for the helicopter operation from the airport.

Sita airport official at Simikot airport stated that they have started shipping fuel for helicopter operation to the pilgrimage site as the season has started. They started shipping fuel for ease in operation for helicopter in the sector the official added.

Sita air has started shipping fuel from Nepalgunj airport and will allocate 1 flight daily for shipping the fuel. The process is set to be continued throughout the season.

Simikot Airport is the gateway to the Hilsa Helipad which is the entry point for visitors travelling to sacred place Kailash Mansarover. Hilsa is connected by air from Simikot Airport that serves as transit point for devotee travelers from Kathmandu, Nepalgunj and Surkhet.

Humla however, has not been connected by road network and pilgrimage travelling to Kailash Mansarovar tend to take flight to SImikot and then charter helicopter to Hilsa.

Helicopter operators that operate to Hilsa have been refueling in Nepalgunj, Mugu district etc. The helicopter operation now has been easy as Sita air has been shipping fuel.

Mansarover is a well-known holy site for religious purpose of Hindus from India, Nepal and other countries. Hilsa is a town on the northwestern region of Nepal in Humla that borders Tibet, China and where the Karnali crosses from the Tibetan Plateau. Hilsa is in 51 kilometers road distance from Simikot that has been busy serving hundreds of passengers and dozens of helicopter daily in this peak season.

Kailash Tour via Simikot is an excellent journey to Mt. Kailash which is one of the best trekking destinations in the remote western part of Nepal.

Simikot airport is located at an elevation of 9,246 ft (2,818 m) above mean sea level. The airport has Single asphalt runway of length of 549 meters on an elevation of 9,747 feet aligned to 0100 degrees and 280 degrees serving as one of the country’s busiest domestic Airport these days.

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