Airlines deduct flight frequency as migrant workers for Malaysia face complications

There has been diminution in the passenger rate with the government severity on the manpower agencies that have been sending worker to Malaysia since long time ago. And the decrement in the passenger rate has compelled airline companies operating Kualalumpur-Kathmandu and Kathmandu- Kualalumpur flights to reduce their flight frequency.

Manpower agencies have deserted to send employee in Malaysia which is considered as an attractive destination for Nepalese workers. Government has taken action against some agencies like VLN, One Stop which had been sending Nepalese employee to Malaysia.

The number of air passenger on April 2018 was 44,686 which have been limited to 36,800 on May with the decrements. And the passengers’ number seems to decline more on June, says airline companies. According to the statistics provided by Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA), the numbers of air passengers flying towards Malaysia were only about 15,797 till 15th of June. Due to which airlines conducting daily flights has cut off their flights ratio. Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) and private airline company Himalaya Airlines which has been operating fight to Malaysia have also deducted their flight.

Raj Kumar Chhetri, General Manager of TIA said the decline in air passengers is natural with the restriction for employees. He added airlines have reduced flight ratio as government has abandoned the major destination of Nepalese workers.

NAC had served only 1,419 passengers till 15 days onwards of June. The Corporation had carried 552 passengers towards Malaysia from Kathmandu whereas brought 867 passengers from Malaysia to Nepal.

Likewise, Himalaya Airlines has served 1,260 passengers on 15 days. Out of which, passengers departing from Kathmandu to Malaysia accounts for 994 and passengers arriving to Nepal from Malaysia accounts for 766. Air Asia has served 3,976 air passengers and Malindo Air has served 4,443 passengers till 15 days. Similarly, Malaysian Air has provided service to 3,702 passengers.

Government has implemented stricter regulations on sending employees to Malaysia stating it has weighted economic burden on Nepalese workers whose impact can be seen directly on Foreign employment and Airline Companies.

With the decrease in number of air passengers, Himalaya Airlines which has been conducting five flight per week has reduced its flights to two flights per week only. Similarly, NAC has also decided to decline their flight from four to three flights per week. With the government decision on abandoning Malaysian sector for foreign employment, Malaysia airlines such as Malindo Air and Air Asia which has been operating its flight to Kathmandu with its base from Malaysia has also reduced their flight number.


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