Airlines Syndicate Creates Complication to Peoples of Humla

Syndicate of airlines creates complication in carrying food supplies to Humla. It has been reported that the four airline companies namely Tara Air, Summit Air, Sita Air and Makalu Air are not carrying food supplies to the Humla region in accordance to the agreement made.

The airlines are creating syndicate to promote a common interest of earning more revenue due to which they are focusing on passenger flights rather than carrying cargo. Above mentioned airlines had signed a written agreement to carry food supplies to the Humal region for mitigating the shortage of food supplies during festive periods however, the carrier started prioritizing passenger flights with aim to earn considerable revenue.

As per the agreement, 1000 quintal of food supplied had to be airlifted before Dashain with airline companies carrying 250 quintal each. However, only 335 quintal were carried.

The local authority claims that the airline companies after being attracted towards passenger flight stopped airlifting food supplies. Humla is one of the under developed region of Nepal where road transportation has not been able to benefit the locals. Airway is only the reliable mode of transportation for Humla peoples. This type of syndicate practice has been creating a troublesome situation for the residents there.

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