Airport Security: Pivot for infectious crimes, Lethal inside out


Airport Security:  Pivot for infectious crimes, Lethal inside out

January 8, 2017- Kathmandu

TIA has security posts numbering to 45 and separate checking are done in customs and immigration department. National Investigation department, Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police and Anti-terrorism Unit is active on the airport. Despite all these provisions, illegal works has been going on in the airport.

The question arises on how this happened. The 33 kilograms of illicit gold captured earlier has raised big question on the security provision available in the airport. It also raises doubt about the involvement of security personnel in such crimes.

There has been total of 22 crimes regarding illegal gold transport in the department of customs. The police department thinks that the crime has been going on due to incoordination among the personnel in the airport. But the airport personnel confess that there are many such events which occur but are unknown. They crimes get caught only when dispute arises between the parties involved in the process, or sometimes during fake racket but mostly the criminals do not get wedged.

The Metropolitan Police Department has found out 19 kilograms 598 grams of illicit gold within these five months and among those events, three out of five of them are related to the airport.

The big downfall that came recently was the first one. It has been analyzed that the criminals are able to pass through complicated security provisions due to incoordination, weak security system and settings inside the airport.

Airport has been a center hub for transferring gold, drugs and money illegally. The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation earlier in 2062 B.S. formed a team to study the condition of airport which concluded that the people without airport pass also entered the airside and the staff of customs department did not wear official uniforms which indicates their involvement in the wrongdoings.

The people who are involved in the airside, baggage makeup area and baggage screening do not undergo security check as per the report which also suggested that such places with potential happenings should be found out and put under scrutiny.

There are 350 police officers under command inside the airport but the weakness lies in the airport personnel claims a senior police professional. The luggage has to undergo through X-ray machine which is done by customs officer only.

A big question arises if the airport has become the hub for illegal crimes which is a huge security threat for the country.

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