Alaska Airlines is extending five new routes for the west coast

Seattle-based airline Alaska Airlines is extending its winters program with five additional leisure services from cities on the West Coast.

The route extension’s primary target is Los Angeles and Palm Springs, with the previous getting just 12 routes in July. As the market moves away towards corporate travel and the outbreak reaches its fourth season, American Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Delta Airlines, and United Airlines, among others, are widening their leisure journey networks.

While its name may indicate that the carrier only has Alaskan flights since purchasing Virgin America, Alaska Airlines has been continuously expanding on West Coast and its Los Angeles and San Francisco bases.

The 2016 acquisition saw Alaska Airlines expand in both cities, admiring their current route network in each, yet gaining business share instantly on the transcontinental sector, operating to New York and Boston, among others, from several West Coast cities. The airline has already shown a strong preference for the West Coast with growth across the country, considering its increased presence mostly on the East Coast, notably as New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut mandate.

The four new routes for the west coast involves

  • Los Angeles to Reno, Nevada
  • Palm Springs, California to Boise, Idaho
  • Palm Spring, California to Reno, Nevada
  • Palm Spring, California to San Jose, California
  • Los Angeles to Cancun, Mexico

Beginning Nov. 20, Delta Airlines to add regular flights year-round between Los Angeles to Palm Springs. The Delta release follows the back of the announcement of new flights from Palm Springs by many carriers.

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