Alaska Airlines is forced to land in Seattle after passengers are threatened with death

A man convicted of intimidating other travelers on an Alaska Airlines Airbus A320-214 flight bound for Chicago late Saturday night was arrested by Port of Seattle Police.
Alaska Airlines with flight number AS422 departed Sea-Tac at 11:10 p.m. En route to O’Hare in Chicago, airline officials state.

Port of Seattle officials say the incident occurred about 20 minutes after takeoff, prompting the aircraft to return to Seattle and land.

“During the flight, the guy was highly belligerent and aggressively violent,” says Ray Lane, Alaska Airlines‘ external communication manager. He confirmed that flight crew and two professional passengers, including a police officer who seemed to be on the flight, were quick to restrain the man. A traveler on the plane said that one of the men who helped was a Chicago police officer. The passenger stated both men were to be treated as legends.

A passenger’s footage showing a man moving in the aisle and screaming he’d kill everyone else on board “in Jesus’ name.” The guy was wearing a facial mask, as most passengers do in this COVID-19 pandemic. Alaska Airlines announced on June 30, that its flight attendants would be able to issue a final notice to any traveler who consistently fails to wear a mask or face cover, for the health and safety of everyone else onboard their flights.

The aircraft diverted at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport and landed. When police boarded the guy was polite, and on the evidence of assault, he was checked into the King County Jail. The name of the accused man has not yet disclosed.

This is said there are no details about the ambition of the man, and police are still trying to investigate. A spokesperson from Alaska Airlines states the flight was canceled and all passengers have been scheduled on the next flight to Chicago that was accessible.

Airlinesratings has announced Alaska airlines as a safest airlines in the world for 2016.

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