Alaska Airline’s new biometric system may replace the boarding process

Alaska Airline’s new biometric system may replace the boarding process.

With the help of 200 recurrent fliers, Alaska Airlines recently finished a test program named CLEAR. The airline adopted to use this biometric system which uses fingerprints. In this early research and development phase, this tech offers accelerated clearance at 12 domestic airports. San Jose is one of the testing site where this system is being tested. The airlines choose this site because there are lots of frequent fliers.

After complete review, the passengers were very satisfied with the system,asit uses their fingerprints instead of government-issued identity card and boarding passes, have to pass through the security checkpoint and board their planes.

“Our idea is shorten the process of air travel and have a customer get through the airport and to their aircrafts seat without having to pull out a government-issued identity card,” said Jerry Tolzman, Alaska Airlines Customer Research and Development Manager. He also said the airlines is currently going through and reviewing the data from the San Jose Airport biometrics trial but are still unsure about what the future holds.

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