All commercial flights resuming from August

All commercial flights that have been suspended from the last five months due to an increased risk of corona infection will be reopening from August.

Monday’s cabinet meeting has approved to request the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation to do their groundwork to open domestic flights from 17 August.

A minister told that by implementing safety measures against coronavirus, it was agreed to operate the flight from August. The ministry will be instructed to make comprehensive flight safety arrangements as per him.

The Ministry of Tourism will draw up the norms on health safety to be followed while commercial flights resume. Based on those requirements commercial flights will be operated. The Civil Aviation Authority has, however, made rules for the operation of airports, airlines, and passengers after the CORONA pandemic.

Previously, a study report was prepared by the Ministry of Tourism, with the perception that the flight could perhaps resume. The study report concluded that the flight should proceed according to the World Health Organization ‘s health safety guidelines. As the flight can only be performed on the basis of the same strategy and both countries’ decisions.

Source conclude that It won’t be easy to fly straight to all country right now.

The government had previously suspended international flights from 24 March.

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