All Four American rescue Team heading back to American tomorrow along osprey

All Four American rescue Team heading back to American tomorrow along osprey

Kathmandu, May 6- After the Disaster Earthquake in Nepal, the American team for rescue and relief from US military team are heading back to their homeland by Tomorrow. Wednesday the press conference organized on the military Headquarters, the joint force commander John Vislarale proclaimed about their returning back. According to him, there are four Osprey aircraft returning back on Thursday. Soon other four helicopters are also soon going to return back. One among five US helicopters had unfortunately crashed on SindhupalChowk, Ghorathalima. He said that Nepali army working with the best. And the mishap of helicopter, where two Nepalese along 6 American death’ he expressed his sorry. In press conference the US Ambassador peter W. Bodde proclaimed that every necessary and needed support will be provided to Nepal. And for rebuild Construction the necessary Engineering team might come shortly according to him. Nepal Army captain Gaurav Shamsher Jabara thanked the US army team for their immense support.

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