All International Flights from TIA, Kathmandu Paused till 5 PM


Press Release by Tia International Airport Civil Aviation Office


Today, Wednesday, 04 March 2015, the day Turkish Airlines Flight No. TK-726 aircraft in the with regular flights from Istanbul to kathmandu did crash landing at Tribhuvan international Airport runway 02(from South) in the morning 7:45 AM. The Aircraft missed the Runway Excursion and stopped in between runway and taxi way sliding 1000 meters. Immediately after the incident at the airport rescue and fire prevention service used fire Foam Extinguisher. After the incident it is found passengers and crew members’ condition is normal. After the incident the aircraft is led near to runway and due to safety all International Flights has been resumed till 5 P.M. But in case of domestic necessary arrangements have been made and continue to operate the flight.

See more Picture Below

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