Altitude Air on final stage of procuring its second AS 350 B3e in its Fleet

Altitude Air has almost completed the addition of AS 350 B3e to its fleet and is in its last stage. The Eurocopter is seen with its temporary registration ‘F-WTCE’ at its Airbus hangar facility at Singapore. The company had already dispatched its technical team to Singapore for the acceptance of the chopper. After accomplishing the acceptance process, the company will apply for the permission for the ferry flight, noted the officials from Altitude Air.

The aircraft is a new version of the AS 350 B3e series with fully integrated Glass Cockpit which will land Nepal on the first week of September after flying from Singapore.

The company has planned to add next Koala series helicopter, the new series helicopter after the success of the second AS 350 B3e in its fleet as it has successfully conducted demonstration.

Altitude Air is a recently registered charter helicopter operator of Nepal. Currently, the company is operating its service with AS 350 B3e Helicopter manufactured by Airbus.

Also, the another heli-company Air Dynasty has already accomplished its documentation process from Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) and has gained the registration ‘9N-AMI’ for addition AS 350 B3e aircraft.


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