Amateur Photographer recklessly flying drones in airport runway approach

Amateur Photographer recklessly flying drones in airport runway approach

Kathmandu, ANN

An amateur photographer has been found flying drones inside airport vicinity presuming the lockdown of airport at Bharatpur. While flying drones at any place remains illegal without obtaining permission from the local security as well as Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal, it has been revealed that with out any pre permission, the reckless photographer managed to take drone photos inside airport as well as the most sensitive approach path of aircraft for runway.

This strongly suggests the carelessness of concerned authorities towards controlling the possible disaster due to unauthorized drone activity specially at vicinity of airport. And this also makes vivid that public are reluctant to administer prevalent provisions and regulations before recklessly taking off their drones.

The photographer named Aatish Regmi posted a photo of Bharatpur Runway shot from a drone in different social medias. The position of drone while taking the photo lies in the most sensitive area of approach path of the runway. Any aircraft approaching the runway the same time would have a very high chance of mid air collision in that exact position of the drone.

While the photographer was inquired about the permission and approval to fly drones he seemed to be unaware about this and he had never obtained permission to fly drone in the area. This clearly suggests how reluctant the photographers can be in such a sensitive matter which can cause serious consequences. Flying drones can be fun but flying it without some knowledge about regulations can be too careful. The concerned authorities should be more cautious in controlling these unauthorized drone photographs before soonest possible.

Those who deliberately impose threat to safety of aircraft and safety of airport can be penalized physically as well as monetarily by with the aviation enforcement policy. This photographer who has now committed illicit has now to be imposed proper actions for illegally flying drones in the sensitive ares of the country without any prior approvals. The focus of the concerned authorities should be provided in this matter soonest possible.

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