America shows interest in immigration and airport security of Nepal

The US government has expressed serious concern on the immigration of Nepal and the security of the airport.

The United States has expressed concern over the security of Nepalese immigrants, adding the incident of terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka, an open border with India and the growing presence of North Korea in Nepal.

It has been saying that trustworthy software with border control biometric is necessary for Nepalese immigration.

The government with the Council of Ministers decided to install American software in immigration two years back.

In 2073, Puspa Kamal Dahal, chairman of unified Maoist became President for the second time, decided to connect American software in immigration.

The government decided to install the software named ‘Personal Identification Secure Comparison and Evolution System (PISCES) made by the US aimed at preventing possible terrorist activities and human trafficking.

If the PISCES software comes into operation, it can easily study the journey of the individual by photo, fingerprint.

The US government used ‘PISCES’ for the purpose of controlling the movement of terrorists from 1997.

PISCES is a border control database system largely based on biometrics. It is taken as a successful security method created by the US government. Its main objective is to prevent terrorist activity and monitor individuals who are in the suspicious list.

As per the information, the United States wants to implement that software in the airport in the first phase and also keep it in other destinations later.

Nepal will install PISCES in immigration at present and can replace it if Nepal develops advanced software with biometrics itself.

According to a specialist, the software named ‘Nepalese Port’ which is being developed by immigration lacks international quality.

The experts suggested the government that Nepalese Port constructed in a hurry under the influence of certain selfish groups cannot solve the current problem seen in the Nepali immigration.

The government has also been working on its own software, even though the government has decided to connect the US software system with biometrics in the international airport as well as to prevent terrorists in Nepal two years ago.

Even after two years of a decision taken by the Council of Ministers, the plan fails to come in implementation.

One of the high officials of the US Foreign Ministry suggested the Nepal government implement the ‘PISCES’ system.

PISCES system is currently deployed in Maldives, Iraq, Malta, Bangladesh, Tanzania, Cambodia, Philippines, Kosovo, Ivory Coast. Some of the countries have replaced American software after making their own software.

If the PISCES is installed, foreigners who travel in fake passports can be stopped immediately.

The number of foreigners who travel in a fake passport, making transit to Nepal is increasing.

Mainly, Irani purchasing the passport from the European countries and arriving in Nepal has increased.

It has been decided to implement software systems named ‘PISCES ‘under government level (G to G) program between Nepal and the United States to control the movement of terrorists by raising the immigration system.

The software running in immigration is normal and initials so, Home Ministry has decided to connect American software.




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