American Airlines 737-800 wingtip hit the lamppost while taxiing at DFW

An American Airlines Boeing 737-800 was damaged at Dallas Fort Worth International Airport after its wingtip hit the lamppost while taxiing.

The Boeing 737-800, with registration N834NN, was scheduled to operate flight AA1100 from Dallas Fort Worth International Airport to Nashville International Airport.

As seen on footage shared on the internet, the wing’s tip of the aircraft was damaged, and the light pole also had come down. The aircraft was towed back to the gate after the incident.

A Fort Worth-based airline spokesperson said there were no injuries onboard, and the passengers were accommodated on another plane. The airport’s CCTV captured the Boeing 737-800 hitting the lamppost, causing significant damage to its left wing.

An investigation is underway into the incident. The investigators will look at the reasons why this incident could have happened.

Both pilots are normally grounded for a few weeks in such an incident. The pilots will then file a report within their company. They will meet with a person from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), one from the airline, and one from their union.

In some cases, the pilots get retrained with a simulator event taxiing around a big airport with a runway change or two.

Aircraft History

The Boeing 737-800 (MSN29576) was delivered to the airline back in April 2010 and is currently 11.2 years old. The aircraft is configured in a two-class configuration with 16 business class seats and 156 economy class seats.

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