American Airlines Future Plans

From operating the first flight on 15th April 1926 carrying the U.S. mail from St. Louis, Missouri to Chicago, Illinois, American Airlines has come a long way in its almost a century of flight service carrying the legacy of the aviation industry on its back. The Texas-based airlines dedicated their service for eight years on the mail route, finally making the strategic move to cover the commercial market; as of now, it is one of the most well-established airlines that ranks among the best flight operators of the century.

The American carried has been dedicated to providing the best service and comfort to the passengers adapting to the demand of the time. American Airlines isn’t afraid of trying out the innovation that makes the journey more comfortable and pleasurable to the client; in fact, the carrier is known for some of its distinctive features like high-speed internet, international lounge access, flagship first dining, international planes on domestic routes, transparency and many more features that have made it one of the favorite choice.  

American Airline’s ‘Green Flag Plan’

The Texas-based carrier, always looking for new ways to make the client’s journey memorable and pleasurable throughout the entire journey, doesn’t seem to hold back on the new innovations anytime soon. In July’s second-quarter 2021 financial result, American Airlines announced its intention to solidify its business through the ‘Green Flag Plan.’ The CEO of American Airlines, Dough Parker, stated that the airline has reshaped its network, simplified the fleet, and made the overall cost structure more efficient to outperform other competitors in service and customer satisfaction. He further stated that the ‘Green Flag Plan,’ the American Airline’s future plan, has commenced thanks to the tremendous efforts and dedication of the airline family. So what exactly is the American Airline’s ‘Green Flag Plan’?

In simple terms, from the racing car analogy, the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus has immensely affected the aviation industry, the point where the services had to be completely put on hold was considered the ‘Red Flag’ plan where air travel was completely obliterated. Similarly, the ‘Yellow Flag’ plan indicates the seasonal operations, the aviation industry operations during the latter part of the pandemic specific to the level of risk in the region, where the carrier had to hold for a while to check out the operation area and infection before commencing services there.

So, now coming back to the ‘Green Flag Plan,’ it indicates that the American carrier operating at full speed managing the air travel demand of the peek years before the outbreak of the Covid-19. ‘Green Flag Plan,’ American Airline’s future plan will specialize in the strategies like doubling down on its operational excellence, reconnecting with the clients and market on the level before the industrial crisis of the Covid-19 virus, build on team momentum and passionately pursue the efficiencies in the service. Emphasizing the plan, CEO Parker shared the airline’s goal to be the best airline company in the history of American Airlines; he also added how hard the carrier has worked on operating the full operational strategy and on running the best airline when going with the ‘Green Flag Plan’ in terms of operational reliability metrics.

Return of Customers 

The American carrier has started to see an increase in air travel demand compared to the earlier period of the Covid-19 pandemic. American Airlines believes that there are many factors for the return of travel that are outside its control. The full-service carrier expects that the corporate customers in the U.S. cannot come back until corporations return to travel, the vaccination increases on a wider level, and the domestic flights return back to their normal pace. Firstly, focusing on the domestic market and shot-hauls, the Texas-based carrier aims to operate in such markets when the air travel demand surges.

American Airlines 777

American Airline’s last comeback will be the long-haul market; the operation will also heavily rely on the continued vaccine distribution and ease in the travel restriction on a global scale. Many countries have started to slowly ease the travel restrictions as the vaccination process has been advancing worldwide; American Airlines will also face fierce competition from other competitors in the route as all the long-route carriers are eager to operate in the long-haul market that been abandoned after the pandemic. The airline has already seen an increase in net booking during March; the spring break of 2021 is a high peak point for the airlines, although it might not be on the level of 2019.

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