American Airlines is completely removing the A330-200s from its fleet

American Airlines is completely removing the A330-200s from its fleet after the Covid-19 pandemic. Out of 1,350 American Airlines aircraft, the A330-200s fleet is retired, with more than 200 separate aircraft now grounded following the pandemic. 150 aircraft, including B757s, 767s, E190s, A330-300s, and CRJ200, have also been withdrawn from services. 

Besides, American Airlines recently signed a deal with Boeing to obtain the opportunity to delay the delivery of eighteen 737 Maxes planned for 2021 and 2022 to 2023 and 2024. To fund its upcoming Airbus A321 deliveries in 2021, the firm has concluded a set of sale-leaseback deals. As a result, the organization has already received support with all of its expected launches by next year.

american airlines a330-200 at Manchester airport phoby by AV8 PHOTOS

What’s new on American Airlines

New Technology

American Airlines is introducing an electronic wallet, mobile ID, and virtual assistant to make flying smoother. The carrier confirmed that travelers could access flight details and that an electric wallet will also be eligible for travel credit. To compensate for the fares using the travel credit, consumers must enter their AAdvantage ® account at

Airlines is collaborating with the Transportation Security Administration ( TSA) to develop this mobile ID authentication system, potentially eliminating direct connection during the travel experience. Customers at Dallas / Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) might have the opportunity to explore a new mobile ID system that authenticates customers’ identity using a personal cell phone while dropping baggage in the claim area.    

American Airlines also launched a messaging platform with a virtual agent to address urgent queries. Instant replies to travel guidelines, adjusting a flight, and how many bags they can check can also be obtained.

Over 425,000 consumers have been using the function to communicate with a virtual assistant or American service staff since the messaging service was released.

Financial Results for Q3 2020

We took the steps mostly during the third quarter to will our expenses, improve our financial situation and ensure that our consumers return to fly with optimism, “said Doug Parker, Chairman and CEO of American Airlines.” “During the most daunting period in the history of our business, the American Airlines group does a fantastic job helping the passengers and one another. Third-quarter sales of $3.2 billion, down 73 percent year-over-year on a 59 percent year-over-year decline in gross usable seat miles (ASMs). Third-quarter pretax loss of $3.1 billion. Except for net significant items 1, $3.6 billion pretax loss in the third quarter. American Airlines announced approval to issue up to $ 1 billion in the capital in an on-the-market sale even further to boost leverage.

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