Mid-flight crisis: American Airlines pilot died en route

Mid-flight crisis: American Airlines pilot died en route


American Airlines confirmed that one of its captain: Michael Johnson, 57, fell sick during flight and died. The flight 550 was heading from Phoenix to Boston. The co-pilot immediately took control and diverted the plane to nearest Syracuse Hancock International airport and landed the plane safely.

In a live broadcast channel LiveATC.net posted following audio post, “Medical emergency, captain is incapacitated. Request handling for runway.” After landing, passengers of the flight expressed their sadness and condolences. American Airlines also expressed their condolences to the pilot’s family members.

The preliminary toxicology examination was conducted in the Onondaga County, New York and tests revealed the death was the result of natural diseases. The details of the reports are still in shadows. Although, past medical record hints the likely cause of his death to be a heart attack.

Photo Courtesy: Sergey Kustov

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