American Airlines pulls all flights to Australia

A major US carrier, American Airlines, has stated that it is canceling all flights between the United States and Australia. According to the notice, American Airlines will stop flying to the country for at least two months as a result of new coronavirus travel guidelines that require flights to carry only a few people.

All passenger and freight services suspended

From September 1, American Airlines will cease all passenger and freight services from Los Angeles to Sydney, the airline’s only route into the country. Flights will not restart until at least late October, according to the airline. According to an update to the company’s schedule, Los Angeles -Sydney flight AA73 will be suspended from August 31 to October 29. From September 3 to October 31, the 787-9 return, AA72, has likewise been canceled.

Due to a reduction in the international arrivals cap, this is the first international carrier to cancel flights to Australia. The decision further isolates Australia from the rest of the globe, and there are growing fears that other airlines will follow suit. Airlines apologized to the passengers who were affected and said it would contact them to make alternative arrangements.

According to the airline, “due to the ongoing travel restrictions regarding the coronavirus (Covid-19), American is suspending consumer and cargo flights between Los Angeles and Sydney between September 1 and October 28.”

American Airlines Australia

After a push from several state leaders concerned about the burden on hotel quarantine till the end of August, Australia’s national cabinet agreed on July 14 to decrease the number of arrivals to 3035. The decision was made after Sydney was put under lockdown due to an outbreak of the Delta coronavirus. As a result, they must ensure that hotel quarantine facilities are not overburdened with travelers during Australia’s latest outbreak.

Despite opposition from others, Prime Minister Scott Morrison also agreed. “Because of the Delta strain’s unique virulence, it is felt that is a smart measure while we are still in the virus’s suppression phase,” Mr. Morrison said following the meeting. He stated that the government would try to increase the number of repatriation flights to Howard Springs’ Darwin facility.

Governor Gladys Berejiklian of New South Wales opposes steps to curb the number of immigrants. “My heart aches with thousands of Australians who must wait longer to return home,” Ms. Berejiklian added.

However, the rulings may make it more difficult for the 34,000 Australians still trapped overseas to return home. A few weeks ago, the airline announced that it would only fly some planes as cargo, but it is now pulling out completely.

Flying with Dreamliner

American Airlines has recently started flying its Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner from Los Angeles to Sydney in cargo-only mode, with uniformed employees on board to transport passengers and freight back to Los Angeles.

Passengers battled to get seats on repatriation flights

Since March 2020, Australia’s international borders have been blocked, with no official opening date other than vague assurances of mid-2022.’ The airline said it intends to restart service by the end of October, although that timeline could be pushed back. Due to the country’s entry restrictions being lowered, the Board of Airline Representatives of Australia (BARA) has previously warned that 18,000 Australians would be kicked off aircraft.

Many passengers have battled to get seats on repatriation flights since the epidemic began, and Australia’s foreign borders were blocked, with excessive airfares and frequent cancellations. Anyone flying into the nation must additionally pay $3000 for a 14-day stay in a hotel quarantine. Due to the federal government’s new inbound passenger cap, several airlines flying to Australia are charging exorbitant charges.

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