American Airlines to relaunch the B737 MAX on Miami and New York routes

Based on the FAA announcement, American Airlines expects to relaunch the Boeing 737 Max aircraft by the end of this year. The booking of flights began on Oct 24 for 737 Max daily flights between Miami and New York.

After March 2019, the Boeing 737 MAX was already grounded following twice fatal accidents killing 346 passengers, but at a particular stage in November, the FAA is supposed to raise its grounding order.

EASA considers Boeing’s 737 Max safe to travel

EASA continues undertaking final paper evaluations after test flights undertaken in September ahead of the draft airworthiness directive it plans to release next month. Just after European authority signaled that perhaps the grounded aircraft could also be allowed to operate by the ends of the year, Boeing’s 737 Max moved a move nearer to a returning to the sky. Patrick Ky, Executive Director of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency ( EASA), said since improvements to its software, the 737 Max had accomplished the requested safety requirements. According to Patrick Ky, executive director of the European Union Aviation Safety Agency, following test flights undertaken in September, EASA is undertaking final paper assessments regardless of the draft airworthiness guideline it plans to release next month.

Although Boeing’s certification authority, the Federal Aviation Administration, is much farther forward its review, these have kept up to make timing forecasts. Late last month, FAA chief Steve Dickson soared the Limit and confirmed the aircraft’s controls feel “really relaxed,” however the analysis phase was not completed.
EASA had its way. The narrow-body would be built aboard with such a synthetic air data system (SADS), providing a different protection system. It will require around 20 to 24 months to develop the MAX framework, the executive director said. The device will first installed on the 737 MAX 10, the main version. The airplane is expected to start passenger airlines in 2022, although other MAX variants would be updated to SADS until it is certified.

“Overall, we agree that it is an improvement that will improve the degree of protection.”

The SADS does not explicitly quantify the details, unlike the Angle of Attack (AoA) detectors. To determine airspeed and AoA, the device utilizes various data sources, including GPS, altitude, and wind data. The SADS on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner is also present.

The direction 737 MAX crew are qualified to operate the airplane may also be improved and their change from either the 737 NextGeneration (NG), a precursor to the MAX. The company modified the pilot training course during January 2020 and suggested that 737 MAX airline pilots could receive additional simulator training rather than merely conducting computer-based training procedures.

The first 737 max deliveries to Ryanair commence from early 2021 

In September 2014, Ryanair put a demand for 200 MAX planes long earlier. The company has also announced a statement stating for 135 planes, with offers for an additional 75. Ryanair has not yet taken any MAX aircraft delivery before the worldwide suspension of the plane took place in March 2019. The carrier also earlier stated that this aims to have about 30 to 40 MAX jets operating through its fleets by summer 2021. Exceptionally equipped highly dense MAX aircraft, now referred to as 737-8200, will be flown by the carrier. For safety, these aircraft would have much more seating and an extra exit-door. The carrier was severely affected by the MAX grounding and then by the slowing economy.

Credit: Airways Magazine

To introduce several new routes that have not existed, the MAX will be used. Then, in the first part of this year, they suffered a decline of EUR 185 million ($216 million). Ryan Air planned to return to 70 percent of its daily schedule through September but is now failing because of flight restrictions. It is not the perfect moment to take delivery of the latest aircraft with aircraft already grounding. However, with expectations that 2021 will see a return to sanity in the air transport industry, Ryanair will accept new MAX jets. There is also talk of Ryanair searching for other aircraft to explore its choice, maybe raising this amount with about 150. While everyone else has had so many canceled flights, Boeing is trying to have as many orders for the MAX as possible. Ryanair is not any longer trying to have an exceptional offer on additional MAX aircraft.

Ryanair does not accept the delivery of aircraft planned for other airlines. The different layout implies that the planes must be designed for them by Ryanair. Although this is a slight inconvenience, Ryanair’s recovery timetable could be ideal for shipment in early 2021.

For Boeing, the largest production group in the US, regulatory acceptance of the 737 Max will represent a key milestone. It had already been thrown into chaos by grounding its most famous aircraft, ultimately losing Dennis Muilenberg his position as chief executive.

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