American Airlines triples its Miami-Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo flights.

American Airlines has strengthened its presence in Brazil and Argentina by adding a new flight from Miami to Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires. On December 14, the carrier commenced an additional air service from Miami International Airport (MIA) to Guarulhos Airport (GRU), Sao Paulo, and Ezeiza Airport (EZE), Buenos Aires. With this new schedule, American Airlines (AA) will fly on the Miami-Sao Paulo and Miami-Buenos Aires routes three times a day.

Three daily frequencies between Miami and Sao Paulo

American Airlines expanded its Sao Paulo network to three daily operations on December 14, just in time for the busy holiday. It increased its Miami-Sao Paulo service from twice daily to thrice in response to high travel demand.

American Airlines at Tel Aviv, Israel Photo By Oren Levinthal

The Dallas-Fort Worth-based carrier will deploy 273-seat Boeing 777-200ER and 304-seat B777-300 ERs to serve this route. The airline will operate three daily flights between Miami International Airport and Guarulhos International Airport until January 7, 2023. Then, it will revert to two daily frequencies as previously.

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AA’s flight schedule for the Miami-Sao Paulo route

AA929: Miami-Sao Paulo, 07:52 pm-6:20 am (the next day)

AA930: Sao Paulo-Miami, 10:30 pm-5:02 am (the next day)

AA957: Miami-Sao Paulo, 09:05 pm-7:30 am (the next day)

AA958: Sao Paulo-Miami, 10:50 am -5:10 pm

AA905: Miami-Sao Paulo, 10: 48 pm-9: 15 am (the next day)

AA906: Sao Paulo-Miami, 12:05 am-6:35 am local time

The third daily flight between Miami and Sao Paulo, i.e., AA957/958, will continue till the first week of January.

Besides its Miami hub, American Airlines serves this most populous Brazilian city from its New York and Dallas hub. Over the 23-day holiday travel period-Dec16 through January 7, it will operate five daily flights to Sao Paulo.

Three AA flights will depart from Miami, whereas the other two will depart from New York JFK and Dallas (DFW) each.

Expanding Argentina network with three daily flights

In addition to Sao Paulo, American Airlines has also increased services to the capital city of Argentina. The carrier added the third seasonal daily flight between Miami and Buenos Aires on December 14. With three daily frequencies, American Airlines passengers will have more choices to travel from Miami to the Argentine capital.

The new nonstop flight will serve the Miami-Buenos Aires route every day until early January. Afterward, the carrier will continue its twice-daily operations as usual.

The recently added frequency has the flight schedule as follows:

AA819: Depart Miami at 09:05 pm and arrive in Buenos Aires at 08:10 am the next day

AA992: Depart Buenos Aires at 12:10 pm and arrive in Miami at 07:25 pm

The existing two daily flights on the Miami-Buenos Aires segment are scheduled as follows:

AA907: Depart Miami at 07:52 pm and arrive in Buenos Aires at 06:54 am the next day

AA908: Depart Buenos Aires at 11:15 pm and arrive in Miami at 06:30 am the next day

AA931: Depart Miami at 10:35 pm and arrive in Buenos Aires at 09:34 am the next day

AA900: Depart Buenos Aires at 11:15 pm and arrive in Miami at 06:30 am the next day

American Airlines is a significant international carrier in South America and holds the largest passenger share in the US-Argentina market. The latest flight addition on the MIA-EZE route has increased AA’s Argentina route to five daily services. Besides thrice daily MIA-EZE flights, AA also operates one flight daily to Buenos Aires from New York and Dallas.

Significance of the Latin American market for American Airlines

Latin America comprises a significant American Airlines market outside its US base. As a regional leader, the mega carrier offers enviable connection opportunities between the US and key Latin American cities.

The two large South American countries of Brazil and Argentina are crucial to AA’s international route map. In total, American Airlines offers 80 weekly services to these two countries. AA’s Brazilian network includes Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, whereas its Argentine network is limited to Buenos Aires.

 This month, AA has spread its wings to an extensive Latin American and Caribbean network spanning 93 destinations. Cancun, the southeast Mexican city, is the most served with 190 weekly flights, followed by San Jose del Cabo (85 weekly) and Mexico City (84).

American Airlines 2022 winter holiday travel

American Airlines, the world’s largest carrier, will carry 10+ million travelers in the upcoming winter holiday. From December 16 through January 2, AA will operate 91,715 scheduled flights to cater to more than 10 million customers worldwide.

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