An American Airlines Boeing 777 caught fire in Hong Kong

Hong Kong– Boeing 777-300(ER) belonging to American Airlines caught fire while being loaded at Hong Kong’s Chek Lap Kok International Airport at 17:30 local time yesterday.

According to an American online media, the Boeing aircraft was preparing to fly Los Angeles when the cargo bin caught fire during the loading procedure.

A cargo container caught fire as it was being loaded into the rear cargo compartment of the aircraft, reported Martha Thomas, a spokesman for American Airlines.

Reports mentioned that only a ground staff of the airlines was injured by the dramatic fire event.

Spokesman for the airlines clarified that “an external piece of loading equipment had a mechanical issue and caught fire while preparing to put cargo in the hold of aircraft flight 192 preparing to fly from Hong Kong (HKG) to Los Angeles (LAX); which as a result caused a pallet on the loading equipment containing non-hazardous goods also catch fire.”

The flames affected the container of the aircraft and also injured the machine operator of the Boeing 777 aircraft. Thus the flight to Los Angeles was canceled until further notice.

A loading resting truck next to the injured aircraft too was noticed to be the under fire.

American Airlines regularly operates its flight to Hong Kong on its flagship with Boeing 777-300(ER).

The injured aircraft was delivered to the airlines back in 2014.


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