An ISIS related Wifi name was enough to threaten pilot and passengers

An ISIS related Wifi name was enough to threaten pilot and passengers

May 26, 2017

Just hours after the Manchester Arena Attack, a tourist on board the Thompson flight to UK from Cancun, Mexico encountered that someone had labeled their Wifi hotspot name as ‘Jihadist Cell London 1’. A pilot then refused to fly a plane after the tourist found the shocking WiFi name.

The immediate probe was dispatched after the tourist informed the cabin crew. The crew called the police because no one claimed the responsibility of the WiFi name. Armed Police team boarded the aircraft along with sniffer dogs to find the suspect behind the shocking WiFi name and check for any suspicious items. There was then a two and a half hours delay in flight. Also some passengers were reported crying and demanding to disembark from the flight.

The flight was cancelled due to failure of security officials to find the culprit. The passengers then were sent back to a hotel overnight.

The man who raised the alarm told, “As I sat in my seat, I noticed one of the options for WiFi connection on my phone relating to being a jihadist. I accosted a member of cabin crew, who took my phone up to the cockpit. I was moved to the front of the plane but by this time whispers were spreading through the plane about it.”

The pilot said: “Someone has something on their phone which had an extremely subversive title to it ‘Jihadists Cell London 1’ and obviously we have to take this kind of thing very, very seriously. Someone has managed to do this on a hot point and it is a security issue and I’m sure you’ll understand I’m not prepared to depart with something like this on the aircraft.”

The pilot declared the ISIS related WiFi name was deleted however; he did not want to fly unless the culprit was identified.


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