Andre’s Hope to find the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370

Andre’s Hope to find the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370

An independent investigator: Andre Milne along his team Asove“Global Human Rights Investigation” have predicted the possible location to find the lost remnants of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370. According to an initial military radar return data, that shows the flight MH370 was flying northwest at the time.

Their team currently have mapped the flight signature by analyzing primary, secondary radar returns, multiple eye witness testimony stating, “the flight was heading south flying at very low altitude”, organic drift tables, aquatic glide principles and remote satellite electronic intelligent technology. The images and data’s that they have collected via Advanced Russian Satellite reviles multiple signatures of Aluminum, Titanium and Hydrocarbons that make up an aircraft.

He located the remnants may be in the ocean between Malaysia and India. In his own way he calls and reminds an act of human duty that we all needs to provide a closer to the victims’ families of MH370. And appeal the people to participate in his crowd-funding campaign to raise the fund by visiting their website and help them to search the area, reminding the disappearance of this aircraft has touched every single person that has heard about it.

At present, the search parties authorized by the governments of Australia, China and Malaysia are looking for the plane in the southern part of the Indian Ocean.


Photo courtesy: Ashish Lohorung

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