Annapurna Helicopter received approval from CAAN, Mustang to receive NOC in a few days

Annapurna Helicopter Company has received a green signal from Ministry of Culture, Tourism and Civil Aviation (MoCTCA) to initiate its operation. Annapurna Helicopter got approval on October 31 (Kartik 14) from the ministry level decision.

According to the source, post receiving flight permission, the company has forwarded the document to Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN). Annapurna Helicopter is preparing prepare to bring 3 Airbus H-125 helicopters for its fleet of flight operation. The company has received approval to operate 3 helicopters by making hub out the valley.

Similarly, Mustang helicopter and RS helicopter had received authorization from the ministry a couple of months ago.

According to a CAAN official, among two companies Mustang Helicopter Company will be receiving No Objection Certificate (NOC) within a week. After receiving NOC, the authorities will conduct test flight of its helicopter. The company will receive flight permission after successful test flight only.

Dharma Raj Bhartaula, operator of Mustang helicopter stated that helicopter is being assembled in Bangladesh and the helicopter will land at Kathmandu shortly after receiving NOC.

Due to lack of manpower of CAAN, the authorities will take time to give the authorization to Annapurna helicopter and RS helicopter.

CAAN official stated, since the same technology team is studying for the AOC process, the AOC process of RS helicopter will start shortly after some time. “We have limited manpower capabilities, and not been able to study the cases because of less manpower”, he added.

Nepalese Aviation has been blooming recently with new air service companies initiated and new aircraft introduced. Both the Rotary and Fixed Wing industry has been expanding in present days which indicates a more safe, reliable and affordable presence of air service in the country.

Helicopters companies these days have been adding chopper frequently. However, CAAN lack sufficient manpower though number of helicopters are increasing. CAAN official informed that due to lack of manpower regulation, it would be difficult to monitor many helicopter companies. Meanwhile, the helicopter companies which are in operation is need to be monitored with strict regulation. Currently, there are more than 30 helicopters of 10 helicopter companies.

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