Anticipation of being removed from EU (European Union) blacklist in doubt for Nepal Aviation.

Anticipation of being removed from EU (European Union) blacklist in doubt for Nepal Aviation.

About two years back, the EU (European Union) had blacklisted Nepal Aviation on the concern of Air Safety been not satisfactory. The Mishap of Tara Air 9N-AHH on Wednesday may now push away the anticipation of being got removed from the EU blacklist.

Looking past years accident record of aircraft in Nepal, the frequent Air crashes had apparently came to the minimum on year 2015 and the aviation experts were acknowledging the achievement on Air safety by Nepal Airlines Company but the recent fatal crash of Tara Air 9N-AHH, again left back with question mark on the concern of Nepal Air Safety.

Nepal Government has formed the Investigation Commission, selecting five Members committee under the coordination of Rajesraj Dali “The Retired Director General of Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal to extract the real cause behind Tara Air 9N-AHH accident.

In the end of year 2013, The European Union banned Nepal Airlines Company to fly on its side – Poor Air safety was the concerned reason . “Thereafter, a series of steps taken to improve the Air safety quality and no single crash on year 2015 was believed as the significant progress on safety quality “officials spoke.

The joint secretary of Tourism and Civil Aviation Ministry Suresh Acharya spoke “The aircraft flown by such  experienced pilots resulting such fatal crash proves and explain us to convince that our deep desire being got removed from EU blacklist yet again pushed far way.”

He added, “We were on our maximum effort trying to get erased from EU blacklist putting all quality matter on major concern and its complete implementation but the recent Tara Air 9N-AHH, fatal crash can hit the great push from being removed.

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