Antonov AN-124 suffered a runway excursion at Novosibirsk

Since landing on Friday, November 13th, an Antonov AN-124 (RA-82042) overran the Novosibirsk airport runway. There were 14 passengers on-board, and there were no confirmed casualties. An engine component pierced through to the nearby factory’s rooftop before the aircraft landed, mysteriously not destroying any of the workers. In engine 3+4, bird traces were uncovered. When engine pieces cut into the fuselage, leaving the other side, further damage resulted.

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Four killed after an Antonov aircraft crashed into the sea

The aircraft was scheduled for the ongoing trip to Vienna. At 12:09 local time (05:09 UTC), the aircraft lifted off from Runway 25. The No.2 engine (Lotarev D-18T) experienced an apparent unrestrained malfunction during the start-up.

For a touching down on runway 07/25, the flight crew completed a low altitude turn. The aircraft sustained a runway excursion as well as a collapse of the nose landing gear.

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