Anyone can fly Emirates Airbus A380 in the state-of-the art flight simulator at Dubai

Emirates Airline has introduced its state-of-the art flight simulator at Dubai Mall which will allow anyone to experience the thrill and challenge of piloting the world’s largest passenger aircraft.

The airline has built the simulator with cutting-edge technology in which one can choose destinations from 12 busy airport and select from a range of different flight paths. An instructor is on hand to guide and one can earn points for their navigation skills. S, Emirates says, “Test your abilities against your family and friends!”

Also people can pick their preferred flight time and weather conditions then watch on high-definition screens as you circle above the Eiffel Tower, soar over New York or approach Hong Kong’s incredible skyline by night. The simulation takes 30 minutes.

Each of the Emirates A380 Experience session lasts 30 minutes at ground floor, The Dubai Mall. The timings are Sunday to Wednesday 10am to 10pmThursday to Saturday 10am to midnight. The tickets are priced AED350 (US $ 95.29) onwards.

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