AOAN clarifies on COVID-19 rescues by Helicopter Operators

The Airlines Operators Association of Nepal has issued a press release today regarding the COVID patient’s chartered flight.

On Monday, the association stated that the fare was not high after reports surfaced in various media that the helicopter company had taken expensive money to rescue Covid’s patients. However, the association said that the cost of rescuing Covid’s patients is a bit high in which rescue flight has to meet the standards issued by the Ministry of Health.

The association also said that the helicopter rental was being monitored by the association and the Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN).

According to the association, the rescue of covid patients has to meet the standards issued by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and Health of Nepal. The association has stated in a press release that it will cost more.

The association has also requested the concerned class to contact the concerned airline directly without getting the intermediary if a helicopter is needed for the rescue. The association has also requested to contact the association and CAAN if it has taken more money.

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