AOAN request the Ministry to eliminate the 50 percent occupancy on domestic flights

Airlines operators Association of Nepal (AOAN) is unhappy with the Ministry’s decision regarding the 50% occupancy on domestic flights. Depending on the corona outbreak’s reality, the government has decided to resume domestic flights with 50 percent occupancy from 17 September 2020. AAON has addressed a letter to the Ministry of Culture, Tourism, and Civil Aviation, stating that the 50% occupancy will create a big problem for passengers as passengers cannot afford the tickets. AOAN furthers states that there no system observed till yet in any other country regarding the 50% occupancy in air travel.

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It is said that from the previous six months, the airline industry faces a significant hurdle, and this 50 percent occupancy would drive the industry towards plummeted. So AAON’s request Ministry to eliminate the 50 percent occupancy decision on domestic air transport.

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