AOAN requests passengers to be aware about prevailing flight delays at TIA

Airlines Operators Association of Nepal (AOAN) released a public announcement stating the flight delays at TIA has reached to a maximum level that may bring disturbance in regular flight caused due to over crowd and hectic air traffic at Tribhuvan International Airport (TIA). It is to notify that this problem might cause delay in flight or even cancel the flight. AOAN has also requested passengers not to show rude behaviors and unwanted actions toward airlines’ personnel.

TIA is the only international airport of the country and has only one runway where both domestic and international flights are conducted due to which flights have to hold either in ground or in air. Use of old communication system has also created problem in determining the flight sequence. Other airports than Nepalgunj, Bhairahawa, Simara and Biratnagar have to conduct their flight within VFR from sunrise to sunset which has created problem for effective on time flight.

Photo: TIA’s domestic terminal seems chaotic due to flight delays

Low visibility due to Fog and clouds in winter season decreases visibility. The international flights are given more priority than the domestic flights so, the delays for internal sectors is certain, says AOAN.

AOAN has requested all the passengers to understand the prevailing troublesome situation at the country’s sole international airport and support accordingly. The passengers have to consider the flight delays for some more time until the essential airport enhancement project and alternative airport project completes.

Thus, AOAN vows to work according to Rules and Regulations made by Civil Aviation Authority to safely take passengers to their destinations. And they also urge the passengers to contact their airlines company before the flight and coordinate and have patience during time of flight delay.

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