Audio clip between ATC and US Bangla Pilot leaked; ATC officers get ‘duty-off’


The Civil Aviation Authority of Nepal (CAAN) has provided leave to Air Traffic Controllers (ATC) who were on duty at Tribhuvan Internal Airport (TIA) on Monday during the fatal crash of US-Bangla Bombardier Dash 8 Q400.

The audio conversation between US Bangla pilot and ATC leaked in the internet moments after the plane crash due to which public have been reacting aggressively towards pilot and ATC communication error.

The authority decided to grant leave to the 6 ATCs for convenient investigation protocols right after the audio clip leaked in the internet. According to the source, no suspension or any other action has been made to them.

Moreover, the ATCs have been granted leave for refreshment purpose as they witnessed the tragic crash of US Bangla plane that killed 49 people.

The Authority said that action will be taken against the people who leaked the secret audio to the public. Director General of CAAN, Sanjeev Gautam, said that making confidential audio public is a “criminal act”.

Source: Annapurna Post

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