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Founded in 1957, Austrian Airlines is the flag carrier of Austria and a part of the Lufthansa group. The headquarters and the hub of the Austrian Airlines are in the capital of Austria, Vienna. The airlines conducted flights to more than 55 countries and more than 50 cities in the nation.

The airline belongs to Star Alliance and was formed by the merging of Air Austria and Austria Airways. The Austrian government owned the company before selling it to the Lufthansa group in 2009. This helped the company to grow and make a huge profit margin after the total restructures of the company by the parent group.

The Austrian Airlines stopped its service on March 17, 2020, due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Yet, the company has already started the flight to 3 countries and 40 cities. The company has started extra flights since July as well. They have taken extra measures to ensure the safety of passengers during the crisis.

Austrian Airlines Review

Austrian Airlines is one of the top airlines of the Lufthansa group. The airlines were the traveler’s choice winner for two consecutive years in 2017 and 2018. This proves that airlines can be a good choice for travelers. Yet, with time as per the customers, the service is not up to mark for a Lufthansa group’s airlines.

According to the new customers, apart from the staff service, other services are not up to expectations. The other services include food and beverages, inflight entertainment, seat comfort. The customers think that the services are not good value for the money. It is difficult to hear that one of the top airline companies is not a recommended airline by most of the customers.

Seat Comfort


Foods and Beverage


Staff Service


Austrian Airlines check-in

With an online system, the Austrian Airlines check-in is very easy. The company provides a platform for you to check-in without standing in a long queue at the check-in counter. You can check-in from anywhere and you can go for baggage checking or the departure gate directly.

The Austrian Airlines check-in begins before 47 hours of the departure. There are four easy steps for a customer to check-in online:

  1. Identification: This is the first step to do for online check-in. In this step, you must log in either by booking code, an e-ticket number, or frequent flyer program. After logging in, you should select the flight.
  1. Select seat: After selecting the flight, you should select the seat. You can also select seats for other people who are traveling with you.
  1. Extras: After selecting the seat, you may add extra needs by paying a certain fee. The extras can be higher travel class, lounge access, and other features for comfort or entertainment.
  1. Create a boarding pass: After the confirmation, you get a digital boarding pass which can be stored in the smartphone or can be printed out as well. The company also provides HomeTag to some routes which you can attach in the suitcase.

Austrian Airlines Business Class

The Austrian Airlines business class gives you the best service in terms of comfort as well as entertainment. There are different services for short and medium-haul flights and long-haul flights. They provide these services before departure and while on the board.

Some of the major services provided on short and medium-haul flights are:

  • Business Class Amenity kit
  • Preferential treatment at the airport
  • Access to Business Class Lounge
  • Privacy on board
  • Exclusive DO & CO menu creations

These services are provided in the long-haul flights as well. Apart from this, there are many more extra facilities like:

  • Comfortable bed with blankets
  • Culinary delicacies with special Austrian coffee
  • Amenity kit
  • Entertainment programs
  • Privacy seat

The fare of the Austrian Airlines business class varies from location to location. There are two packages in the business class: business saver and business flex. The flights within Europe to the distance up to 3,550 are short-haul flights while flights more than 3,550 km are long-haul flights.

Austrian Airlines Premium Economy

The Austrian Airlines Premium Economy class is a better class than the economy. It is available only on long-haul flights operated with a Boeing 777 or 767. Some of the services provided in this class are:

  • Extra Comfortable Seats
  • Premium Economy Amenity kit
  • Culinary highlights
  • Entertainment Program

These features are available only in limited flights and not all. However, some extra features are available as per the airplane and location. There are three packages in the Austrian Airlines Premium Economy class: premium economy saver, premium economy basic, and premium economy flex.

Austrian Airlines Flight Status

Due to various circumstances, there sometimes may be a change in time, delay, or cancellation of the flights. The Austrian Airlines flight status is kept on the website. You can search for your flight status in terms of flight number, flight route, and airport. However, there are other ways to check the flight status as well.

Austrian Airlines provide the flight status through push message by email and text. This feature is available until the departure. The notification for gate change, cancellation, or delay above 30 minutes is notified to you. You receive the information via the Austrian Airlines app as well.

Austrian Airlines Contact Details

The Austrian Airlines contact details can be found on the website of the airlines This is the major contact details for the airlines to contact. However, there are other alternatives as well including an internet help desk and chatbot on Facebook. It provides help mostly by these mediums. It also has provided the contact numbers which are different from country to country. The main contact number for Austrian Airlines is +435176610000.

Austrian Airlines provides help and support often. To use Austrian Airlines Contact Details these categories should be handy:

  • Booking, Refund, Invoice
  • Check-in
  • Baggage
  • Irregularities
  • Seat
  • At the airport
  • Special Requirements
  • On Board
  • Other

These are the help topics the airline helps in. However, there are different contact numbers for different purposes and these numbers may vary on the basis of time as well. So, before contacting the airlines it is better to visit the website and have the idea of where you should contact.

Austrian Airlines Jobs

Lufthansa handles the Austrian Airlines jobs as the parent company. But, Austrian Airlines also recruits the workers. There are many jobs in Austrian Airlines. Apart from the engineers and pilots some of the major jobs in the airlines are:

  • Flight attendant Jobs: The main job of flight attendants is to make sure that the passengers are safe and also take care of customer service.
  • Airline Administrative Support: These staffs help to run the office smoothly. There are secretaries and various other officers in this position.
  • Operations Agent: These agents send the information they receive to pilots, and other crews and workers. They make the decisions to rectify situations when flights are overbooked without impacting the schedule.
  • Avionics Technicians: They work on the electronics system of aircraft. They perform troubleshooting, repairing, replacing, and installing the equipment of the avionics.
  • Flight Dispatcher: The dispatchers ensure the plane’s safety during the flight. They include a proper plan for the flight including a schedule of destinations. They also provide alternative destinations in case there comes any problem.
  • Ground Attendant: They assist the passengers in the terminal on the general questions.
  • Aviation Meteorologist: The meteorologist provides weather information to the pilot and flight dispatchers. They provide information about the weather conditions in all places. They give the information including direction, speed of the wind, rainfall, etc.
  • Passenger Service Agent: They issue refunds to passengers, calculate fares, prepare, and sell tickets. They also check baggage, provide information on the travel, and so on.
  • Ramp planner: The ramp planner tracks the arrival and departure time of the flight. The planner informs them of various departments so they can perform their tasks.
  • Sales Representative: The main duty of the sales representative is to promote the business of the airlines.
  • Crew schedule coordinator- The crew schedule coordinator schedules the airplanes on time in case of difficulties. They must adjust the schedule of the plane so the travelers reach their destination on time.
  • Airline Ticket Agent: The agents receive the customer when the customers arrive at the airport. They check-in luggage and also help in seat arrangements. They take care of the ticket sales, reservation changes, and provide information when people are boarding the airplane.
  • Airline Flight Instructor: They are the senior pilots and provide training to the airplane’s pilot as well.

These are some of the Austrian Airlines jobs an individual can do to pursue their career in Austrian Airlines.

Application Process

The application process for Austrian Airlines jobs is not a very long one. The applicant can submit their applications online. They can even visit the headquarter in Austria to submit it. After sending the application online, you will receive transmission confirmation on the screen. Additionally, you will also receive a mail about the arrival notice.

After the submission, the company looks through your application. The company calls the people qualified for the job for an interview. You will also have to go to the assessment center and present yourself and know more about the job. The company then calls the best candidates to join them for a job.

There is also an internship opportunity at Austrian Airlines. The company offers the candidate a suitable job whenever there is a vacancy. The company requires the candidate to have valid working permission in Austria and good knowledge in the German language.


All in all, Austrian Airlines is worth your money. It’s wonderful facilities of food, comfort, and other services that go along with the airlines is a thing of absolute joy. Whether it be business class or premium economy, Austrian Airlines offers you a beautiful flight.

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