Authorities complain over NAC’s decrement in flight frequency at Rukum’s Salle Airport

Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC) reduced its flight frequency from 4 flights a week to 2 flights at Rukum’s Salle Airport. The corporation used to conduct one flight each to Rukum from Kathmandu and Nepalgunj from Rukum but the flights were increased to two each for the both destination making it a total of 4 in the month of Poush, 2074.

The national flag carrier increased flight frequency at the airport due to availability of adequate crews and aircraft. However, the flights got reduced to only 2 within one and half months of increment and the passengers have been facing inconvenience in their air travel. They have shown some frustration with the decrease in flight frequency and also reported that there was no reason for doing so as number of air passengers was enough for four flights a week.

The authorities from the district said that the decision made by Nepal Airlines was inappropriate with the fact that there was enough passengers number and demand at the airport.

Rukum district features another airport named as Chaurjahari but the airport has been closed since 11 months. The flights of NAC which was the only operator in Chaurjahari airport had cancelled all flights since the second week of Jestha 2074. Surendra Nepali, head of the Chaurjahari station said that the air traffic service has been closed due to technical reasons.  The flight has been closed due to the lack of passengers instead the flights have been shifted to headquarter at Salley Airport, he added.

The district authorities have committed to increase flight frequency at Salle Airport and also to initiate operation at Chaurjahari Airport.

NAC officials said that the flights were decreased due to shortage in manpower and informed about the probability of flight addition from the end of Ashar 2075.

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