Authorities discuss possibility of mountain flight from Biratnagar Airport

Airlines management authorities, airport officials and tourism business personnel at Biratnagar said that the mountain flight from the Biratnagar airport is possible. However, people criticized the statement from the newly elected tourism minister for Province No.1 Mr. Jagdish Kushiyat who committed to play role in making mountain flights possible from the Biratnagar Airport.

Eastern region has many high ranging mountains like world’s highest mountain Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) along with other like Makalu, Kanchanjunga, Lhotse etc. and during business festival some months ago at the district, a successful mountain flight was done.

Yeti Airlines manager at Biratnagar said that there is huge potential for tourism industry if mountain flights can be introduced. If the respective authorities can bring policy to increase the passenger, then it will be a huge success.

Similarly, Buddha Air’s manager at the airport also said that the mountain flights can be conducted daily, weekly or monthly as per the demand. But for that the possibility must be turned into reality.

Biratnagar Airport head, Sureshman Singh said that there is no problem to carry out mountain flight from the airport as there is enough space to park 4 72-seater aircraft easily. Airline operators can conduct mountain flights without any hindrance, he added.

According to airport spokesperson Santosh Dhakal, Biratnagar Airport, which is 30 meters wide with runway length of 1500 meter extended over 115 bigha of land, will have no problem for mountain flight.

Different tourism businessmen and personnel have a view that bringing Indian tourists will flourish the tourism activity rather than local tourists from neighboring districts although they are also equally important.

Nepal is majestic place for mountains and is only alternative for tourist near boarder like Bihar, Bangal, Sikkim etc. this will also help to improve the tourism market. Tourists from boarder pay large sum and travel to different places like Mechi, Bhedetar via Biratnagar and if province government, tourism board, tourism ministry make effort then Biratnagar can enhance its tourism industry.

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