Authorities from AAR to arrive Kathmandu for wide-body purchase and sales agreement

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Authorities from AAR to arrive Kathmandu for wide-body purchase and sales agreement

March 27, 2017-Kathmandu


The successor of Nepal airlines’ global tender for the purchase of two wide-body aircraft, AAR Cooperation, is sending a team to Kathmandu for finalizing the purchase agreement of two wide-body Airbus A330 aircraft.

The representatives of ARR Cooperation from the US will be arriving Kathmandu on April 8 for the purchase sales agreement of two Airbus A330 aircraft.

AAR Cooperation and Nepal Airlines have already discussed on points to be included in the purchase-sales agreements. The companies had also recently talked and discussed the amendments of the agreement and are now preparing to sign on the contract agreement.

Representatives of AAR Cooperation from the United States are arriving Nepal for the purchase and sale agreement contract of the wide-body aircraft.  According to Managing Director of the national flag carrier of Nepal Mr. Saugat Ratna Kansakar, both the parties have been discussing timely on the amendment of the contract which as a result is bringing AAR representatives along with the purchase and sales agreement to Nepal.

We had even talked with AAR about the agreements some days earlier and the team will be arriving in Kathmandu on April 8 with the agreement papers, reported Kansakar.

Nepal Airlines and AAR Cooperation had signed an agreement on 27 January and the flag carrier had drafted USD 1 million in advance to AAR for the purchase of two wide-body aircraft on February 15.

AAR after receiving the advance amount had drafted a proposal of the purchase agreement to Nepal Airlines. NAC’s coordinating committee had passed the proposal of AAR for selling two wide-bodies for 104.8 million US dollar each on January 15.

The flag carrier plans to bring the two Airbus A330 wide-body jets in Nepal by the start of 2018.

Ten various companies had registered their names in Nepal Airlines global tender bid for purchasing two wide-body jets out of which AAR Cooperation of United State was selected.

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