Aviation expert announced the hijack of MH370 could be the work of Russians


The accusation was thrown to Russian hijackers by an aviation expert after Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 post reinterpreting existent evidence. Jeff wise clarified and admitted that somebody with a “high practical” expert could have altered with flight data. He doubted to Russia as they are pretty much richer in advanced knowledge of today’s aviation world and could succeed to alter flight data, reported The Daily Express.



Wise said “there were three Russians on board MH370, and one of them was almost close to the aircraft’s electronics and equipment bay space. It could be pre-planned so they could alter with flight data. Moreover, he told pulling out such a big operation must need national-level support as it was absolutely complicated and technical standard. Wise pointed that though his plotted assumption attaches the accusation on Russians he cannot think of what reason they would have come up with other than to daze the authorities.




Photo Courtesy: BBC, The star, Thinleyjamtsho

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