Aviation Fuel depot facility to be added at Bhairahawa

Nepal Oil Corporation is set to establish aviation fuel depot at Bhairahawa as Gautam Buddha International Airport is set to come into operation in around couple of years. The corporation is set to establish the depot which will have capacity of around two thousand kiloliter.

Official of the corporation stated that the demand of the fuel will increase as soon as the airport comes in operation thus the corporation will be setting up temporary depot which can hold up to 2000 kiloliter of fuel.

The corporation is planning to lease land near the airport site to construct the depot. The under construction airport itself has ability to hold around 60000 liters of fuel.

The corporation has planned to reserve 1000 kiloliter of fuel in reservoir and another 1000 in fuel transfer tanker that will help to store fuels for around a week. The corporation is expected to provide around 300 kiloliter of fuel daily.

The corporation will lease land from Civil Aviation Authority and establish underground fuel reservoir. The corporation has stated that as soon as the work on land completes, they will start the work of constructing reservoir and stated that Chinese technicians has also been mailed to make study on the project.

Around 15 depots will be constructed which will be able to hold around 70000 liter fuels and as the project is portable, the depots can be transferred as wanted.

Previously, land acquisition had been proposed at Rs 35 lakh per kattha for the construction of the depot. The project is expected to come in effect too.

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