Aviation in Nepal is expanding rapidly with increase in additional fleets

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Aerial view of Nepal’s Sole International Airport; Tribhuvan International Airport ( त्रिभुवन अन्तर्राष्ट्रिय विमानस्थल, IATA: KTM, ICAO: VNKT)

Aviation in Nepal is expanding rapidly with increase in additional fleets


February 23, 2017- Kathmandu

Till date, various airline operators of Nepal including the National flag carrier Nepal Airlines have been reported to have expanded their business by adding newly manufactured or maintained aircraft in their fleet.  Familiarization of new airlines operator in the country with some additional fleets also proves the expansion of Aviation Industry in Nepal.

Numerous new helicopters are also been added along with the addition of extra fleets. Helicopter operators are also adding new helicopters likewise airplane operators have also added new airplane utilizing the resources allocated to them. It’s clear to us that the primary concern of the airline operators for adding extra new fleet to their operation from the income generated is the sole purpose to expand their business.

Nationals Flag Carrier Nepal Airlines had recently bought two Airbus A320-233 aircraft years earlier. Similarly, another private airlines flying internationally, Himalaya Airlines has also introduced its second Airbus A-320 aircraft to its fleet from last month helping the Nepali aviation market to bloom.

Going back to the history of Nepal’s aviation, Civil Aviation service in Nepal started with three old American made DC-3 Dakotas belonging to an Indian Company in 1953. Later Nepal established its own airlines with the formation of Royal Nepal Airlines Corporation in 1958 with DC-3 aircraft in its fleet. Then after, RNAC added AVRO (HS-748) in 1970, Twin otter in 1971, Boeing 727 in 1982 and Boeing 757 in 1978 to its fleet.

In 1992, the domestic air market was liberalized by Civil Aviation of Nepal. Many private airlines i.e. Necon Air, Lumbini Air, Nepal Airways, Agni Air, Guna Airlines, Cosmic Air were also introduced but were later defunded and closed down.

Currently, a hand full of Nepali private airlines i.e. Buddha, Yeti, Tara, Simrik, Goma, Sita and Himalaya Airlines are operating their flights with fixed wing in Nepalese Aviation.

The country also has many newly established along with some long-aged helicopter companies conducting charter and rescue services in Nepal. At present context, the Nepalese sky is highly congested with domestic as well as international traffic.

Holding pattern of TIA-VNKT Flightradar24
Photo: Holding pattern of TIA-VNKT Flightradar24

Recently Fishtail Air added AS 350 B3e Dragon helicopter and has also signed an agreement for new Bell 505 helicopter. Altitude Air newly registered helicopter company added Airbus AS350 B3e helicopter and the company aims to add two new AS350 B3e and koala series helicopter manufactured by Augusta.

Heli-Everest another newly registered helicopter company has added two AS350 B3e helicopters last year and started its operation two months earlier. Simrik Air one of the leading helicopter operators added Airbus AS350 B2 and Bell 407 GXP helicopter to its fleet.

Bell 407 GXP Simrik Air
Bell 407 GXP Simrik Air

Tara air is shortly adding three Viking aircraft to its fleet by the end of this year.

Himalaya Airlines added a new Airbus A-320-214 some week earlier. Nepal Airlines added two Chinese-made MA60 and Harbin Y12e aircraft last month. Goma Air also has two Let-410 aircraft on transit and will land Nepal shortly.

Photo: Nepal Airlines Airbus 320-233 ‘9N-AKW’ attempting pushback at TIA, Nepal

Buddha Air bought an ATR 72-500 aircraft earlier this month and Yeti Air pioneer of fixed wings to is adding ATR 72-500 to its fleet. Shree Airlines veteran of rotor wings are excited to join the fixed wing operation with a new CRJ-200 aircraft and Saurya Airlines are buying additional aCRJ-200 aircraft in their operation.

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